As part of The East Arnhem Land Youth Model (Guŋga'yunga Djamarrkuḻiny program), all four communities across our region came together to participate in a 4-day regional meeting in Ramingining in September.

The first Regional Meeting since the program's inception, and thus logistically managing four remote communities and 20 staff to attend, was a lesson in itself. Despite some hiccups at the start, we enjoyed a really impactful week of getting to know each other, learning from each other, sharing stories and focussing on the strategic side of the program and how to realise this in each community in the best ways possible. We also had some training around meeting facilitation and how we get groups to work together to achieve positive outcomes for our children and the wider community.

Of course, good food and a constant flow of tea kept everyone happy and energised throughout the day. But most of all, the value of bringing together senior Yolngu leaders from four remote communities and observing the wisdom and power multiplied in one room was one of our most significant achievements of the program yet.

These Regional meetings are added to our local meetings in each community, and we will continue to do them so we can make sure the program receives the most support across the region and the model is cohesive and effective.
The group left revitalised and with an immense sense of mutual support and encouragement, and we cannot wait to hold the next Regional Meeting at the end of this year in a different location.