ARDS Film Making Project

The project is designed to send a team (a linguist, a videographer and a cultural facilitator) to each community to build the filmmaking skills of our RSAS djamamirri (workers) and help staff tell stories to engage students to come to school.

This is part of the RSAS Operational Framework to promote Family Engagement, Youth Engagement and Strengthen Culture and Language.

At Yirrkala, the teams made a short video to illustrate and define their roles. This shows how the teams pick up children for school and getting them ready for school.

At Galiwinku the team filmed 2 short films. One is about the impacts of bullying and how to assist children when this occurs.

The Gapuwiyak team shot interviews with Djamamirr from different organisations and are planning a short film about the value of education and the various jobs available in the community and the film will air at the careers fair.


Recent Funded Activities

ALPA recently negotiated with our funder to allow us to use underspends in other areas to be redirected into activities. As a result, since July, we have been able to run a range of programs and activities that deliver multiple benefits to the community.  

      • Lantern-making workshops i
      • Fold Back Media delivered drumming, circus and hip hop song creations.
      • Deadly Hair Dude runs a hairdressing barber workshop.
      •  Claymation productions
      • A skateboard ramp
      • Sister Buffalo (vintage clothing boutique in Nightcliff) ran sewing and fashion/modelling activities.
        • Craft workshops
        • Tshirt making workshops with MOPRA
        • Music workshops