Meet Vanessa and Jazariah Manggurra who were part of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Team in Gapuwiyak.

We're super encouraged by all the other community members that have recently worked with the ABS to help gain important statistics for our regions.

As many community members do not have access to computers and some struggle with their literacy skills it's important to have people like Vanessa and Jazariah on the ground. The Australian Bureau of Statistics needed Census field officers to assist community members with filling out the forms and translations, so it was great that our CDP participants could assist.  

Jazariah says, “Census work is important, to get information about how many Yolngu live in Gapuwiyak, how many people live in a house so we can plan for more houses. It means that if the Government knows there is lots of Yolngu in one house it can help with more housing and with things that help Yolngu if we need more rrupiya (money) for the school or other programs."