Training portal

ALPA is a Registered Training Organisation endorsed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) offering nationally recognised qualifications, currently offering Certificate 1 to 4 from the Retail Services training package SIR, Certificate 1 & 2 from the Community Services training package CHC and Certificate 1 & 2 from the Foundation skills training package FSK.

The ALPA Board directs the training department to focus on jobs through training and education. In the 1970s ALPA began a successful retail program, based on Balanda sharing knowledge with Yongu, this model still exists today through the User Choice Funding for Retail and Community Services.


By adding new pathways in Higher Education, through our VET partnership with the Department of Education and in conjunction with the relentless drive of the broader ALPA group to create more jobs in our communities, we are moving closer to this vision every day.

ALPA Training Vision

The vision for the ALPA training department is to provide more opportunities for students to improve on their language literacy and numeracy skills.

Strengthen the leadership program and develop strong confident Yolngu Managers, so in the future every ALPA workplace will employ Yolngu managers.

Support pathways to Higher Education so Yolngu gain the necessary qualifications to work in the careers currently help by non-indigenous people.

Gain fee-for-service opportunities and ultimately become less reliant on Government funding.