Last month some of the ALPA Community Service team attended the launch of a new series of NAAJA Legal Education videos.

ALPA and NAAJA have worked for 12 months on the contents to ensure the videos are legally accurate, useful and contextualised to our environment and culture.

The 24 short film series covers a range of topics including safe working environments, domestic violence, discrimination law and guiding young people through the criminal justice system. 13 of these films are in Yolngu Matha (with English subtitles) and star many community leaders such as Reverend Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM (ALPA Chairperson) and Witiyana Marika (Director  Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation) as well as emerging actors Brenda Muthamulawuy Garawirrtja, Andrew Gurruwiwi, Djerrkŋu Yunupiŋ and others

These videos have also been embedded into a Webinar series that NAAJA are currently delivering to our Community Service teams remotely, the initial feedback is that the teams are finding the videos helpful to understand the law and helpful to their families

“it has been good, We (the Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) team) know many of the actors, the language is clear and the stories in the videos make sense to us” – Peter Djumbu, RSAS supervisor, Ramingining.

We would like to thank the amazing work that NAAJA continue to do for our community members, we would also like to acknowledge the NAAJA team, Sinem Sabam (Our Generation Media) ,  Mililma May and Siena Ganambarr-Stubbs for working with us to create this amazing resources.

The videos are publicly available on the NAAJA YouTube Page.