Teen spirit filled the house with hair dyes in Christmas themed colours; curls and buzz cuts were booked in and Matt the Deadly Hair Dude together with Serita Guruwiwi (CDP Coordinator and now hair dye specialist) set to work on styles of all kinds. 

The RSAS team assisted with hair washing, before and after shots as well as general crowd control.  With Christmas in the air, it really was an exciting couple of weeks.  We all learnt a lot of new skills; some of the djamakuli (children) practised on the models heads, whilst some of them got straight into styling with their friends.

 RSAS also teamed up with Youth, Sport & Rec Team to implement a school holiday program.  Each day has held a different activity and includes a nutritious delicious lunch. 

We have had the water slide and water tunnel out despite the downpour which actually added to the thrill of it all, and teamed that with a colour run rainbow. We also held a disco, basketball comp, and went to the local Gapulil (waterhole).

The Gapuwiyak djamakuli are all having a fantastic time and their behaviour is exemplary - they are really helpful with setting up and packing away the events, as well as looking out for each other and boosting each other up.