ALPA has recently appointed Emma Kelly as our General Manager of Community Services. Emma has been promoted from Community Development Program (CDP) Manager and has progressed her career here since she was originally employed as an Employment Services Coordinator in 2015.

Emma’s predecessor Liam Flanagan says she has years of experience working within East Arnhem Land and her relationships with communities was a standout for her appointment.

“She is committed to delivering the outcomes that communities want and knows the importance of working with Yolngu leaders to understand their aspirations and their indicators of success.”

Emma’s focus for the next 12 months will be working closely with the communities of Arnhem Land to understand their economic priorities, building on regional workforce development strategies, and supporting the growth of ALPA’s RTO.

Liam Flanagan has been with ALPA since 2013 and will start a new career path and our Board of Directors wish him the best in his future aspirations.

“Liam’s contribution to ALPA has been significant. He was appointed our first General Manager of our Community Services Division in 2016 when it first commenced and has built the division from the ground up. It is now a significant part of ALPA, with a diverse range of services including Community Development Program (CDP), RSAS (school attendance) Community Engagement, Youth Services, and Training.  He also led ALPA’s advocacy on important issues to our Yolngu members including the Cashless Debit Card and CDP reforms”, says CEO Alastair King.

We are also pleased with Emma Kelly stepping into the role of Community Services General Manager and trust that she will bring dynamism and a strong focus on policy change as Liam did.”