" I want to create more job opportunities in my community and support the younger generation to focus on their culture and education." 


Anita Yarmirr is from the Mandilarri clan and is the ALPA Director representing the Traditional Owners of Minjilang also known as Croker Island. Currently working with Wuruwaidjba (women) at the local CDP office, she supports them in gaining skills and getting them job-ready through various activities. Anita originally worked for ALPA many years ago in the local store for four years however while the store underwent renovations she moved over to the West Arnhem Regional Council. Her role at the council was to support Centrelink clients through administrative support. She also has a community engagement background where she worked as a night patroller.

Ms Yarmirr says she was very proud to be nominated by her elders as a traditional landowner representative to this position.

"I am learning about what ALPA is all about and I wanted to step up and see how I can help the Minjilang community grow healthier and stronger. Education for me is the key for our next generation." 

" ALPA supports our communities in many ways. I am learning from the older Board members to create a stronger future and become a leader like the ones I learn from." 

Another focus for Ms Yarmirr is to one day see the Minjilang store expanding like other community stores and to create more jobs within ALPA for everyone.