"I want to help people understand. I think that good communication is very important."

Jacky works closely with the ALPA Executive Management Team, assisting in interpreting and balancing modern business ideas through Yolŋu cultural concepts.

Jacky has been an Associate Director with ALPA since 1998 and he translates and interprets the Board Meetings into Yolŋu Matha.

Here is his story:

"I like being an Associate Director for ALPA, because I want to help people understand. I think that good communication is very important. All board members need to be able to understand the agenda and all of the information in their own language. I translate into Djambarrpungu, but my clan/baparru is Golumala and my preferred dialect is Thangmi.

My first job was as a plant operator and mechanic for the mission at Galiwinku. I used to go up the island fixing the roads and fixing equipment machinery and generators. My next job after that was a bible translator for the church. I started doing that a long time ago and then I became an NRCC member and National Leader, attending leadership meetings. I have been working for ALPA for a long time and help whenever I can. At Galiwin'ku, I often help with translating and interpreting for ALPA CDP.

I also help the church with translation of the scriptures and am an elected member of the Northern Regional Council of Congress (NRCC) for the Uniting Church. I was selected on the Sinod Standing Committee for the Northern Region and am the elected Chairperson  of Nungalinya College. 

When I’m not working, I like spending time with my family,  my children and my many grandchildren.".