"I like to support people to keep culture strong, keep people safe and make families strong."

Jessie Roy joined the ALPA Board in 2016 and is the youngest on the team. She's also a Traditional Owner of Galiwin'ku and the daughter of fellow Director Lily Roy.

You can read her story here:

"I like being on the ALPA Board. I like hearing stories about ALPA and sharing people in the community and also bringing back stories from the community about how to make ALPA stronger.  Before I worked at Marthakal as an admin office worker. I worked there from 2007-2014.

I like that ALPA is helping by providing lots of jobs for Yolŋu in community, like jobs at the shop and CDP, youth and Bukmak. Bukmak has yolŋu workers who help people by building houses and fences. Bukmak workers always come to show me the good work they have done when they are finished each day.

Also I like that ALPA helps with young people when there is trouble. Sometimes when there is trouble at the shop I can come to the shop to help. Also the RSAS school attendance workers often talk to me about how to help families when their children are sniffing. Looking after the young people is really important. Older kids who are sniffing is a big problem. ALPA is helping in lots of these areas. The ALPA workers often help families with their young people. We need to support them and their families first and then they can get back to school.  I spend a lot of my other free time with my family.  I love being an ALPA Director!

Jessie is a mother to four children, aged 21, 14, 12 and 6 years old.