In August 2008, I started work with ALPA, initially as a Retail Relief Manager. My initial contract was for two years and at the time I thought that it would be a couple of years of fun and adventure, learning new skills and the opportunity to travel to some of the most remote and beautiful areas that we have in Australia. However, little did I know that my two years at ALPA would turn into 10 and in that time I would do and achieve, far beyond what I imagined way back in August 2008!
In my ten years at ALPA (2008 - 2018) I had the privilege of working in over 30 remote communities across Australia and experienced all the richness and diversity that Australian indigenous cultures can offer. After my initial period of learning the ropes in the Retail Division, I joined the ALPA Training Department and in time became the RTO Training Manager. In 2013 we expanded this division into Training and Employment Services when we took on employment services contracts through the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP). From 2013 to 2017,  we created four new businesses (Manapan, Rulku Enterprises, Bukmak Constructions and Dinybulu Regional Services) and created hundreds of sustainable jobs for Yolngu. We also won the Northern Territory Large Employer of the Year Award at the NT Training Awards two years running and were finalists at the Australian Training Awards two years running as well. We trained thousands of Yolngu apprentices and made a real difference to people's lives - every day. 
To say that this was immensely satisfying for me personally is a huge understatement. Through ALPA I achieved immense personal growth and made many lifelong friendships. I learned about Yolngu culture and had the honor of attending many Yolngu ceremonies and several historic landmark events. In short, ALPA can and does what no other employer can do. Through ALPA, you can access opportunities and experiences that you would have never dreamed of. I certainly did and my life is much richer for it. For anybody considering working at ALPA and if you are looking for a change that can bring with it rich life experiences and opportunities for personal growth, all I can say is one thing. Do it!