Our names are Rob and Lisa Law; we would like to tell you about our ALPA Journey.

We have been in the ALPA family for just over 12 months as Store Managers. 

We researched ALPA before we applied for a job as Remote Retail store managers and were very impressed with what we saw on the website and social media. We especially liked that ALPA has a training branch to assist Yolngu workers achieve their goals and are encouraged to take on responsibilities once they learn, also the fact that ALPA employs nutritionists to assist managers to have healthy stores.

Now that we have had the opportunity to work in two of the ALPA stores we have seen this in action.

We feel so fortunate to be able to work with yolŋu, learn the local culture and see parts of Australia that most people do not get to see.

It has been great to work for ALPA this last 12 months, we have enjoyed the relationships built within the other departments of ALPA , the support office and our upline. The support we have received to ensure food safety for our community from our Area Manager, Retail General Manager and the CEO during the corona virus crisis has been phenomenal and much appreciated.

ALPA has been in communities since the 1970's and because of this and the positive outcomes that the company has achieved we are reaping the benifits of working for such a highly regarded company and enjoying the relationships in community that have already been built. We are proud to be part of the ALPA family.

If you are looking for  a new challenge and thinking about remote work we would not hesitate to recommend ALPA, the support network is there for you, the opportunities to grow with the company are there. You will get to experience the beautiful Yolngu culture, build lifelong friendships and live in some of the most rugged and picturesque parts of Australia.