My name is Ian Jesson and I am the general manager of G&R Wills Pty Ltd.

G&R Wills is a general variety wholesaler with branches in Darwin and Cairns, and we have been servicing remote community stores for over 30 years.

We have been a major trading partner with ALPA for all that time, and we have built a relationship together that is a lot more than purely supplier/customer.

ALPA is a very professional organization, that works in a very challenging environment and does an excellent job with all the challenges working in remote areas throws at them.

In my 23 years working for G&R Wills I have seen ALPA grow from running community stores to Also

Running community accommodation, building with Bukmak builders, Manapan furniture and the running of CDP in multiple communities.

All of this has led to ALPA becoming a major employer in Aboriginal communities with over 1000 Aboriginal people being employed.

I congratulate ALPA on the job it does, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to anybody that was looking for assistance in any of the business’s ALPA are involved in.