As a Management Consultant I had the pleasure of being engaged by the ALPA Enterprise Division and ALPA Corporation.The ALPA Board is very progressive and has undertaken a number of great initiatives to enhance their efficiency and sustainability, in Enterprise Resource Planning software, and in innovative Indigenous Enterprise Development Modelling. I was engaged to review and enhance the Enterprise Development Models, business processes, performance efficiency of some business elements, update performance on evolving enterprise activities and seek business opportunities that would make existing enterprises sustainable into the future.

ALPA has attained incredible success not only as an wholly owned indigenous corporation, but as a competitive business operating in the difficult environments of remote and very remote communities. Its Board and the Board of the subsidiaries are very open minded and very focussed on creating benefits for its shareholders and members. The business models they have applied have laid the foundation to support a myriad of future expansion and sustainable business activities that will allow each enterprise or business unit to survive and to continue to employ local Yolngu and other indigenous Territorians.ALPA Corporation and its subsidiaries are leaders on how to engage and deliver business in the Remote North of Australia.

Since completing my work with ALPA I undertook the role of Chief Executive Officer at the Roper Gulf Region Council. I relish in maintaining a network relationship with the great resources that ALPA employs.