Join us for a life-changing experience!

Working on remote indigenous communities offers many personal rewards, learning about traditional indigenous culture and language, as well as experiencing the spectacular landscape surrounding our communities. The many friendships you will form, and the experiences you share will stay with you for life.

ALPA is a major source of employment for the communities on which it operates. We are one of the largest financially independent Indigenous employers in Australia, with over 800 indigenous employees making up 83% or our total employment. Stores and our other businesses offer real jobs in an environment where there are few. It is a prerequisite of ALPA managing a store that the community wants to have active participation in the operation of their store at all levels.

ALPA wages are one of the few sources of independent income in communities. Last financial year, over $7 million in wages alone was paid to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander staff in communities. ALPA staff enjoy above award conditions, we provide training to support career development, as well as create jobs through CDP services and Community Businesses.

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