Emma Kelly first joined ALPA in 2015 as an Employment Services Coordinator within the Community Development Program (CDP). Over the following 6 years, Emma has progressed through the company filling positions such as Remote School Attendance Strategy Manager and Community Development Manager. She has spent extensive time working with remote community members to identify their goals and aspirations and has focussed on leveraging government programs to support those goals to be achieved.

After taking out the NT's Emerging Leader Award at Telstra's 2020 Business Women's Awards, Emma stepped up to lead the Community Services Division as General Manager in 2021. She is currently completing a Masters of Human Rights and believes this will support her to continue to innovate ALPA’s service offering.

The Community Services Division comprises over 300 staff, encompassing Employment Services, an RTO accredited training department, Higher Education Hubs, Education support services, Business Incubators, and Economic Development Unit, and a Community Engagement Team.

Emma also acts as ALPA's spokesperson on a variety of key issues such as CDP reforms and the Cashless Debit Card and sits on the Board of Manapan Furniture.