Gapuwiyak has been hitting their fruit and vegetable targets the past few months and trending up in sales.

Fruit and vegetables are the hardest part of retail as they are a living product and therefore demands constant attention to keep it looking fresh and inviting. When the fruit and veg section is looking good it helps to lift the rest of the store.  

In early May, Jonathan Yunupingu completed fruit and veg training with ALPA community nutritionist, Sarah. The training included an online component learning about hard and soft lines of fruit and veg, cutting and wrapping techniques, completing daily quality checks and the importance of fruit and veg looking full as this means it will sell more. Practical face-to-face training was then completed to put the online training into practice.

This was then followed with increased orders by store manager Georgia and support from duty manager Youssef creating a perfect storm for increased fruit and veg sales.

Jonathan continues to take pride in the work he does in the fruit and veg section and his efforts do not go unnoticed by the store team, ALPA nutritionists and the community!

Fruit and veg takes commitment, persistence and pride a perfect trio that the Gapuwiyak store team possesses. Congratulations and keep up the incredible work.