We celebrated the re-opening of the Warnkurr Club in Kalkaringi on the weekend!
The club was flooded to the ceiling in the wet season, in a 1 in 100-year flooding event that devastated the community and resulted in total evacuation. Since then the community has been getting back on its feet.

A project like this has many moving parts and involvement from many people and businesses. The evacuation and immediate emergency response during the floods, the assessment of the site and insurance claims, the logistics of getting the repairs done with new electrical, plumbing and HVAC, replacement of all equipment and staff management over the period. 

With the reopening, the Warnkurr Club has introduced a family night every Thursday, with fun activities for all ages, healthy food, music and games.

The benefits of having a local club include:

- managed service of mid-strength alcohol
- reduction in antisocial behaviour
- better nutrition outcomes with food and water always available
- family night every week with no alcohol and fun family activities
- reduction in 
drunk driving

The Kalkaringi community is very proud of their club and turned out to celebrate all the hard work. ALPA is proud to be working with the Gurrindji Aboriginal Corporation and the Kalkaringi community.