" This is gods plan and I have been selected to help my people." 

Serina Lee is an emerging leader in Minjilang (Crocker Island). She has been selected to be mentored by our Directors because she wants to help young people in her community. 

" As a team leader for Night Patrol, I want kids to stop wandering around and pay attention to their future. I am trying to encourage these kids to join the Community Development Program (CDP) and get some skills and gain their certificates and get their licenses. I also encourage them to get a job with ALPA." 

Serina previously worked for the local ALPA store and says she wanted the position because this is her Great-Great Grandfathers country.

" I have to step in because I have to represent my family from the barge landing area. I want to learn from the Directors and feedback on this information to my people and help us make the right decisions." 

ALPA is teaching us to run a business to be strong and to work with Balanda (non-Indigenous). This business is for us and we are making the decisions.