ALPA is proud to announce that Karina Wunungmurra has been recently appointed as a Full-Time Employment Consultant in Milingimbi.

Starting her ALPA journey in 2008 as a participant, Karina demonstrated great potential, enthusiasm, and a real desire to help her community through upskilling in many ways offered through CDP. This led her to be trained as a Part-Time Employment Consultant in June 2020 and Karina continued to excel and expressed interest in the Full-Time vacancy in Milingimbi. She was successful in the Recruitment process and secured the role in August 2020.

"It makes me happy to be able to help people with their paperwork. I help people spell their names correctly so they can open bank accounts and get their driver's licenses too."

Reporting to the CDP Site Manager Mick Smail, who is extremely proud of Karina describes her as always going 'above and beyond' to assist her participants and that has a genuine interest and kind nature.

"Karina is always willing to jump in and assist wherever she can and is extremely passionate about sharing her skills with the community so that her participants have a job that they can be proud of."

ALPA is really proud to have Karina in the role as we appreciate her local knowledge and language skills to be able to provide a better service for our CDP participants.