The ALPA Code of Conduct has been rewritten and relaunched to coincide with the publication of our new suite of policies.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all employees, directors, volunteers, and contractors.

Our Code of Conduct aligns our long-established Mission Statement and our Nine Values with the four new Code Outcomes. All of our policies are aligned to the Code Outcomes and challenge us to live our purpose, values, and behaviours.


We want our staff to speak up when something doesn’t seem right and to have open, honest, and constructive conversations with each other.


When making decisions on behalf of ALPA and when undertaking the daily activities of our roles we want our staff to apply our Values test. Above all, we are challenging everyone to do what is right, not what is easy.

Our four Code Outcomes guide the way that we work together and for our member communities: 

  • Living our Purpose
  • Being Ethical
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Supporting Our People

We invite everyone to become familiar with the Code of Conduct