Shrinking Sugary Drinks

To support our customers to drink less sugar, the ALPA Board agreed to pilot a ‘pack size reduction’ strategy on the highest selling sugary drinks. This strategy will complement the suite of sugar reduction policies already in place across our stores. Read more

Tracking our nutrition efforts

The ALPA Nutrition Team and Retail Analysts have collaborated with Menzies School of Health Research to build live, interactive reports on the Microsoft BI platform. These reports provide insights into fruit and vegetable, drink, and overall sugar sales performance and purchasing trends for each store. Read more

ALPA and Bula'bula Arts work together to demistify Payroll Process

ALPA recently commissioned Bula'bula artist- Joy Burruna​ to create financial literacy resource for new staff Read more

Monash University nutrition students wrap up ALPA work placement

In February, we welcomed four Monash, Masters of Dietetics students to complete their Public Health Nutrition placement with ALPA. Read more

East Arnhem Students Given The Opportunity To Attend Youth Conference

In early April, ALPA funded and hosted 7-Students from East Arnhem Land to attend the No One Left Behind all youth conference. Read more

East Arnhem Land Youth Model secures additional five years funding

The Northern Territory Education Minister Lauren Moss and The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Selena Uibo visited Milingimbi and Gapuwiyak to announce funding for our youth. Read more