Island & Cape

With over 40 years of experience in remote retail, Island & Cape offers these communities and Islands a great range of groceries, dairy, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, general merchandise and clothing. With sophisticated systems and procedures, Island & Cape run successful remote stores with the assistance of the latest technology. Island & Cape can also offer our experience to other communities, from IT support, to management relief, operational support, mentoring, and training. Island & Cape is financially independent and is not reliant on external funding or subsidies. This allows the company to determine its own direction and development.

Work with us to create a better future in our communities

Sonny on his forklift

Sonny Auda has been working at the Umagico Store as a Storeman for 4-years now and says he loves his job. The Umagico Store which is owned by the Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council (NPARC) employs the store management services of Island & Cape and employs more than a dozen local employees. 

Sonny says he loves his job because it's like working with family. He says it's important to contribute through his role as the store is an essential service for Umagico.

"One thing we want is the best customer service for everyone and visitors. We want people to see our community and enjoy our people and to come back. It’s beautiful here and it’s nice. Our shop is like the backbone for our families and our folks up here."

Sonny is currently studying a Certificate 3 in Retail and says he wants to further his qualifications and start a Certificate 4 next year.

"I want to further my retail qualifications so that I can expand my career in the future. I can have the option to get a job somewhere else and make a good living for the families. It’s always good to build up the resume and also have different skills."

Island & Cape Store Manager Pat Vines says Sonny is a pleasure to work with because of his great sense of humour.

"He's a great worker, He gets along well with everyone and lifts everyone's spirits as he's always smiling. He also takes WHS guidelines seriously and is always looking out for the safety of our team members and reports any potential hazards."

Sonny says he appreciates working alongside Manager Patrick Vines. 

“He looks after not just selective ones but all of us in the store and it’s nice to see things he teaches us things from a different perspective you know mainstream how a business is run. It’s a privilege to work besides Pat and get know his friends and we have that family/togetherness.”

Outside of his role at the store, Sonny says he likes to spend time with the local youth. Especially those that have had it a bit rough.

"I try to grasp what they’re thinking and some of these kids grew   up hard. It’s   always nice when they come into the store and enjoy   themselves. I’m a well   known people person here and I like to get   young ones and older ones laugh so it’s a good role model for me   to be able to work here and show them young ones that if I can   do  it maybe they can do it too."                                                     

Island & Cape and NPARC are proud to have Sonny on the team in Umagico and we wish him well in all his endeavours.