Island & Cape

With over 40 years of experience in remote retail, Island & Cape offers these communities and Islands a great range of groceries, dairy, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, general merchandise and clothing. With sophisticated systems and procedures, Island & Cape run successful remote stores with the assistance of the latest technology. Island & Cape can also offer our experience to other communities, from IT support, to management relief, operational support, mentoring, and training. Island & Cape is financially independent and is not reliant on external funding or subsidies. This allows the company to determine its own direction and development.

Work with us to create a better future in our communities

Acting Sergeant Tamara White has been working in Aurukun since June 2020 on a 6-month rotation from Caboolture, QLD.

“I love it. Fishing is right at your doorstep. I haven’t got a Barra yet – that’s one of my missions while I’m here. Aurukun also has some of the best sunrises and sunsets, they’re pretty amazing."

Tamara takes a people-minded approach with her work in the community. She volunteers as much as her busy work life can allow. You will often find her at the school, PCYC, the splash park or just walking around town mucking around with the kids. Sergeant White loves working with community and she aims to make a difference in children’s lives, no matter how big or small.

“To change one of their lives or just to make a difference to one of them is my aim. Even if I can help just one of the kids learn to read or get better English or even play sports. The kids have the biggest smiles and that reminds me of home. I love it”

Sergeant White also joined the police to help her mob and to show that police aren’t all bad. While her journey to become a police officer was not easy, Tamara always had her grandmother to look to for support.

“I wanted to be the one to kind of help change how we saw police and help our mob. When your little you think you can change the world. My grandma’s strong minded and no one messes with her. She always pushes us to make something of ourselves. She will kick you up the backside if you were not going the right way.”